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What does it take to create a brand that resonates with beauty and sensuality in the hearts and minds of women all around the world? It usually takes someone with exceptional talent, vision, passion and perseverance. In the case of DYRBERG/KERN, it took two such individuals from two extremely different backgrounds; each with a distinctive angle on design who were drawn to each other as if by destiny. The moment Gitte Dyrberg and Henning Kern met, their unique chemistry and creative energy was instantly apparent.

As the Creative Directors, design masterminds and driving forces behind, DYRBERG/KERN A/S is today – 29 years later - a brilliant designer jewellery and watch brand, which never ceases to intrigue and entice consumers. Their mission is clear: To be a preferred choice for modern and confident women to express their style and beauty, by offering an extensive and inventive range of iconic classics and a sultry approach to style and sophistication. A fascination with art, architecture, interior, design, graphics, nature, film and music has influenced Dyrberg and Kern’s ability to continuously surprise and seduce consumers.

Ever since she was a little girl, Caroline Svedbom, she has been fascinated by strong colors, in design, fashion and jewelry.
The purpose with her jewelry has always been to make women shine, feel beautiful and be more colorful.
The Swedish brand has found devoted clientele around the globe. All pieces are handmade from fine stones and pearls, combined with Swarovski crystals.
Being the fourth generation within the industry, Caroline has had a lifelong passion for jewelry.

Her grandfather started a jewelry business back in 1935, which was eventually taken over by her father. From an early age, she was brought along to trade fairs. Many of these were held in Northern Italy, where her passion for statement jewelry in bold colors was born. In 2014, Caroline finally decided to fulfil her dream of designing and marketing her own jewelry collections. The brand quickly established itself internationally and today Caroline Svedbom Jewelry offers seasonal collections available at 350 retailers throughout Scandinavia and Europe.

Edblad is a Swedish design company, created with the vision to pay tribute to the strong woman and inspire her to dare to be herself and express her personality.

Through our products, we strive to give our customers that little extra to enhance their look and make their days shine - every day! Everything with unique Edblad design, high quality and attractive price.

Edblad was founded at 2006 by the designers Hans and Cathrine Edblad with a stated ambition to build a responsible ethical company with sustainable products. Supporting various aid organizations has always been the focus, we do this through our Helping Hand projects.

For over 17 years of experience in haute couture design, Lily and Rose, has found devoted clientele around the globe.

Everything started back in 2013, when Therese Zetterberg, well know for the haute couture dress she made for their Royal Highnesses the Swedish family and more royalties around Europe, decided that she wanted to have jewelry to much her extravagant dresses.

Theresse, was a huge fan of the American TV series Sex And The City, and that’s how she came up with the company’s name. Charlotte’s daughters have these two names, Lily and Rose.

LULU Copenhagen is a contemporary Danish designer jewelry brand based in Copenhagen. Through simple, affordable, and playful design LULU aims to inspire and empower people to stand out and live their lives with as much fun as possible.

By Billgren's men's jewellery, watches & accessories were created with the belief that style and fashion should be accessible to all, presenting collections with excellent value for money. Mix and match and create your own outfit that suits your personal look and style.

A sincere wish to give women the opportunity to underline their individual personality and beauty, led us to establishing BELLA BALLOU in 2008. We are both creative by nature and because of our love for working with colours and graphic lines, we have been working with design our entire lives.

After having travelled and lived in China for a couple of years, we were fascinated by the fantastic process of creating silk, right from the small and insignificant cocoon to the finest silk. Therefore, our mutual wish and background, naturally led to create a unique, personal and exclusive scarf-brand for women of all ages. We find our inspiration to create in a wonderful mix between the everyday-joys and experiences with our families and the meeting with different people and cultures on our journeys around the world.

The Danish company BECKSONDERGAAD loves color, glitter and prints.

Creativity and joy are the driving forces of the design team as well as Anna Sondergaard & Lis Beck who created the company BECKSONDERGAAD in 2003 in Copenhagen when they started to create accessories for women who love playful and special accessory designs.

With the vision of creating a brand with a Scandinavian look and style but at the same time with respect to the woman’s wants, Seidenfelt was born in 2017.

Every piece of the collection is made out of high-quality materials but cruelty free. The bags are made of PU. The base of this material is the water and is 100% recyclable. Every bag is named after a Scandinavian city and in every collection, a woman can find a bag according to her taste and style. The bags stand out for their fine lines, inspired by the dynamic women of today, but at the same time with a dose of high esthetics and functionality.

A family firm that can offer 60 years of experience specialized in shawls, stoles, squares, ponchos, gloves, hats and indoor wear. Constant investment, modern equipment and qualified staff all contribute to the company's ability to meet every customer demand. When the winter settles down on our tray of height, it makes it for 6 months: it is to say if our slings, ponchos, squares, shawls and gloves answer ideally requirements of comfort and proven qualities.

By allying weaving and creativity, Quioc ideally meets the expectations of a fashionable sensitive clientele, to the trends, to the materials and to the aspect... Our love for our work involves total control of all stages of production, including designing the products, choosing yarns, weaving and finishing. Each year our designers create a total of over 500 different models, colours and materials. Investment is an on-going concern : ever-speedy production goes hand-in-hand with storage and delivery : our up-to-the-minute platform can handle all three

ERFURT is a Danish brand of luxury accessories with a strong Scandinavian DNA, but also with designs inspired by cultures from around the world.

ERFURT products are made from natural organic fibers such as wool, silk, cashmere, viscose, and soft modal, giving them a soft feel, which, along with the exceptional color shades and designs, contributed to the brand being placed among the top brands in the world in scarves and luxury accessories.

EVERYDAY by Bella Ballou is our new accessory line with a focus on current trends at very attractive prices - of course still with consideration for nature. Follow along here and find the last new MUST HAVES, all year round.

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