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A family firm that can offer 60 years of experience specialized in shawls, stoles, squares, ponchos, gloves, hats and indoor wear. Constant investment, modern equipment and qualified staff all contribute to the company's ability to meet every customer demand. When the winter settles down on our tray of height, it makes it for 6 months: it is to say if our slings, ponchos, squares, shawls and gloves answer ideally requirements of comfort and proven qualities.

By allying weaving and creativity, Quioc ideally meets the expectations of a fashionable sensitive clientele, to the trends, to the materials and to the aspect... Our love for our work involves total control of all stages of production, including designing the products, choosing yarns, weaving and finishing. Each year our designers create a total of over 500 different models, colours and materials. Investment is an on-going concern : ever-speedy production goes hand-in-hand with storage and delivery : our up-to-the-minute platform can handle all three

Modern technology stands hand-in-hand with our professional weavers, by simplifying certain tasks. At Quioc, you will find hand finishing alongside numerically jacquard looms ! Weaving for us an age-old tradition, involving jealously guarded know-how, which has long made us famous. When winter sets in up her on our high plateau, it is here for six months. Which means that our traditional scarves, ponchos, square scarves, stoles and gloves must be able to perfectly meet the levels of comfort and quality needed ! To those requirements, we have also added those of a clientele sensitive to fashion, trends, colours, materials and look. Weaving is alive and running with tones and lines toying with light and teasing the shade.
And the stock is brimming : endless colours possible. Quioc subtly blends mohairs, bouclettes or even wool. Not forgetting microfiber with its surprising effects !

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