Always connected to global fashion and behavior trends, Maryssil has been operating in the beachwear segment for over 25 years. Founded on November 27, 1990, this 100% Brazilian company conquered its space in Brazil and abroad to improve its products within each new collection.

Located in the city of Joinville, in the north of the state of Santa Catarina, the brand stands out in the industry for offering a beachwear concept, and not just bikinis.

In this regard, it counts on the expertise of the renowned designer Larissa Minatto, responsible for the exclusive development of each collection, ensuring cutouts that value the feminine silhouette, besides fashion information and added value.

Following the values of faith, love, truth, respect and commitment, meeting the desires of customers and retaining partnerships are some Maryssil’s priorities, and the company has the best suppliers of services and raw materials in the country. All this to ensure comfort, quality and functionality.

The company constantly invests in technological development, qualification and development of people, market research, marketing initiatives and search for new materials and sustainable technologies.

The result of this process could not be better: Maryssil has surpassed the mark of 300,000 pieces per collection, and its products are being marketed in more than a thousand points of sales, including Brazil, France, Australia, USA, Portugal, among others.

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