Created in 2008, Larissa Minatto is renowned for offering a different kind of beachwear that combines refinement, beauty and creativity. The brand’s garments are carefully made in technological fabrics and exclusive prints, giving value to feminine beauty and pr

The Santa Catarina stylist Larissa Minatto remembers fondly when she began working in the family factory that manufactures swimwear. She learned in practice the best modeling and production techniques, as well as learning about fabrics, cuts and also, business.

Always dedicated and seeking to improve her skills to master the art of beachwear, she graduated in fashion and also took a course in Luxury Marketing at the prestigious Marangoni Institute, in Milan.oviding a timeless elegance. In 2009, the designer was invited by renowned stylist and entrepreneur Amir Slama, and debuted at the CASAMODA Fashion Show in São Paulo, where she featured for two editions. In 2011, she entered the RIO-A-PORTER show, to great success. In these years, Larissa Minatto set the standard for unique quality and important partnerships, such as having a KALIMO label on her pieces, testifying to the quality of her fabrics.

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